Kate Groom

KG_StandingKate Groom is a Consultant who specialises in franchising. She is also an expert in financial communication. Kate speaks and writes on franchising, business and leadership topics.

While Business Performance Manager with Kwik Kopy Australia, Kate implemented an industry-leading benchmarking program across the whole franchise network. She also developed and implemented peer-to-peer business improvement programs, and practical business improvement resources. Kate also worked with under-performing franchises in a turnaround role.

After several years with Kwik Kopy, Kate was appointed General Manager of the SIGNWAVE franchise network (part of the USA-based FASTSIGNS franchise). In this role she implemented initiatives to adapt the model to the Australian market and improve sales and profitability of franchisee and franchisor. Kate also managed a significant change in business ownership, including leading the Australian business under new ownership.

Prior to working in Australia, Kate worked in the UK in large and medium-size accounting firms, and in Hong Kong in corporate advice roles.

As a consultant in Australia and the USA, Kate has advised businesses that work with franchises, and provided advice and expertise in financial and business managent to franchisors and franchisees. She has also developed a wide range of financial eduction and business seminars for franchise.

With over 20 years of business experience in 4 countries, Kate has the skills to think strategically and analytically, simplify the complex, find solutions and communicate to enlighten, inspire and motivate others.

Kate specialises in

  • Strategic and Business planning for franchises
  • Change management
  • Franchise Marketing
  • Financial and business management for franchises
  • Benchmarking and franchise performance improvement
  • Coaching and communication skills for franchises

Kate has a particular focus on the financial side of franchising. In this area she works at Smart Franchise.

Contact me

I’d love to hear from you. You can call me on 0466 376 386.

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“Kate is one of few people I’ve worked with that seems to embrace Stephen Covey’s principle of seek first to understand, than to be understood. Through Kate’s facilitation of our performance group, we’ve realized tangible business results in key areas including staff costs, productivity, and cost of goods sold. Through the PG, we’ve become proficient in Financial and Operational aspects of our business and have formed a loyal and trustworthy group of peers, the true benefit of any franchise operation. I would recommend Kate as a group facilitator without question, her experience in Franchise operation in particular can help both Franchisee and Franchisor realize their goals of running a better business.” ~ Brian S.

“Thanks for a great meeting! I was really down before the conference call but after listening to you I started to get energised.” ~ John M.

“As usual, it was wonderful to see you. Not only do I enjoy your company, but I leave feeling invigorates and ‘with a purpose’. Your guidance is very useful, and hearing your own story adds a really important perspective.” ~ Lynn Maslen Kertell, Bob Books Publications, LLC

“Kate started our performance group program … I still remember Kate pleading with me to join the group – thanks, Kate, for your persistence. I am a happier and richer person for being a member of the group. Kate made the groups successful with her devotion, interaction and determination. After some years Kate was moved on to bigger things, but we still miss her.” ~ Collette Watson, Kwik Kopy Strathpine.

“I really appreciate your support and commitment to this group. You are a breath of fresh air and a great resource to bounce stuff off. You have put forth some great ideas and perspectives.” ~ Ian

“Our business opened six years ago. During the period of our growth Kate has been pivotal in providing advice that has contributed directly to our success. In our experience, Kate’s  commitment to the success of our business has been second to none.” ~ Reg B.

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