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by Kate on November 17, 2009

Why a blog about franchise profit?

My name is Kate Groom and I started my business, Starfish Consulting, because I believe profit is too important to be left to chance. Of course, no one really starts a business (be they franchisor or franchisee) intending to be other than profitable, but the truth is that many end up making less than they could.

And whilst there are no guarantees in business – which inherently involves risk – my goal is to put pursuit of profitable growth front and centre in the franchise world, so people have the best possible chance of achieving their financial and personal goals.

In pursuit of my quest I’ll be exploring and writing about profit, business performance, strategy and leadership as well as franchising, so if you’re in business inside or outside the franchise world please stop by from time to time.

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And now, a little bit about me and how I got here …

I’ve been ‘in’ franchising since I arrived in Australia in 1994. My jobs have included financial support executive and business analyst at Kwik Kopy and general manager with SIGNWAVE. In 2007 I moved to Seattle to work with a long-term associate to reposition and develop her franchise benchmarking business.

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

In mid-2009 I returned to Australia to focus on working directly with franchise systems to create and implement programs that increase profit and business value. This wasn’t an easy decision as I’d not planned to return (and Seattle, despite the winter greyness, IS a lovely city); still a combination of purpose, place and people did eventually draw me back.

My own travels have reminded me that the support of peers and mentors both inspires us to set our sights higher and helps us stay the course. Starfish is all about enabling business leaders to share knowledge and experiences and learn from each other in the pursuit of profit and I hope to see many of you on that journey.

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1 Chris Khoo November 25, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Hi Kate

Interesting introduction – can’t wait to see what’s in store.


2 Glenn Walford November 19, 2009 at 10:03 pm

Congrats Kate, great to see it up and running! Look forward to a whole bunch of profit talk….

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