Introducing Smart Franchise

by Kate on November 14, 2010

Exciting new things ahead!

Exciting news! I have a business partner, Peter Knight. Peter is a Chartered Accountant and you can find out about him here. Together, we have created Smart Franchise; a unique partnership committed to helping franchises achieve sustainable profit, growth and cash flow.

We help franchises address questions like:

  • How can we create a more profitable, sustainable and valuable business?
  • What can we do to simply and easily monitor and improve profit and cash flow?
  • How can we confidently navigate the business financial lifecycle?
  • And the big four … Where we now? Where do we want to get to? How shall we get there? How will we know we’ve arrived?

I’m thrilled about the opportunities that this opens up for us to help franchises improve financial performance through our workshops, seminars and advisory services. Working with Peter is a delight and a lot of fun … and we’re looking forward to helping you have more fun and more profit in your business.

Here’s a taste of what we are up to…

Talks and workshops

Our talks and workshops unravel the mystery of business and explain complex matters in plain language. The presentations are interactive, inspiring and practical and emphasises the how to, not the theory using real life case studies and examples. Throughout our presentations, you’ll develop action plans which you can implement immediately to take business to the next level.

Thrive: What’s it take to thrive in turbulent times? This mini business planning workshop provides a fresh look at the foundations for success.

Navigate your Business Lifecycle: Every business has a lifecycle; this session helps you understand yours and navigate it with confidence.

Preparing your business for sale: This presentation gives you insights and understanding so you can set up your business to maximise its value … and get the most from it in the time leading to sale or transition.

Improving financial performance: Getting the basics in place, and understanding how to interpret your numbers are the foundations for improved performance. This practical session helps you understand the basics of financial management for a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business.

Business Advice and Consulting

It takes action to get things done! We’ll work with you to identify and act on things that hold your business back from getting to the next level in sales, profit and performance. Our focus is on practical advice that helps you …

  • Create and implement simple, robust business management systems so you know your financial position and have infrastructure that supports action.
  • Have smarter financial conversations.
  • Develop a practical, no-nonsense business plan as a foundation for action.
  • Improve the cash flow and profit of your business and franchise network.

Continue the conversation

In the coming weeks, Smart Franchise will have its own web site and blog. Meanwhile, you’ll continue to hear from me at Starfish. And of course Peter and I will be delighted to connect with you in person.

Interested in finding out more? Please contact me using the form below or on 0466 376 386

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