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How to have a remarkable new year

by Kate on December 29, 2012

To achieve great things we must work out what to stop doing, and then have the courage and commitment to follow through on that decision. New Year is a good time to decide what to stop doing  to help you have achieve great things.  It could be the most important resolution you make! Many of [...]

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What leaders do

by Kate on October 1, 2012

What does a leader get paid to do? It’s a worthwhile question to think about. But we need to do more than think, because leadership isn’t something you think, it’s something you do. It’s easy to gather information about leadership. The wisdom(?) of the internet means we don’t even need to read books or listen [...]


Reasons for retail optimism amid the gloom

by Kate on September 24, 2012

As we approach the Christmas season, is there any  reason to be optimistic about the state of Australian retailing? Over the course of this year there has been consistent reference to the sorry state of retail in Australia. The latest results from David Jones show one of our leading retailers with a staggering 40% decline [...]


Creating your business success in 2012

by Kate on January 2, 2012

How you think about your business or your job will determine how 2012 turns out. But general optimism will not ensure the prosperity of your business. Success in this economy demands a positive mindset and committed action. In 2012 some countries are in recession and others are facing sluggish conditions in some or all sectors. [...]