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A new year leadership reading diet

by Kate on January 3, 2013

Your business needs you to grow as a leader, but perhaps this year you should read fewer articles on how to be a better leader? Reading them may not help as much as you think. It’s what you do that will make a difference, but are you so busy reading that you don’t have time [...]


Sunday reflection and some Mozart

by Kate on October 7, 2012

Sunday is a good day for reflecting and thinking through priorities for the week ahead. Here are some questions to consider: What are the important things for me to achieve in my my work, my personal life, and for my health and wellbeing? What will I choose to do with this hour, this day,  this [...]


Project 365, Priorities and a Day of Rest

by Kate on September 23, 2012

I’ve been inspired, and challenged into action by the blogging activity of Roger “Rog 42″ Lawrence, who this year embarked on a project to blog daily for a year. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve read a few of his posts, and there are some gems, including this one. So here we go, with [...]


Business is personal

by Kate on June 30, 2012

This post is on a topic most of us would prefer not to think about. But it’s important, and I hope you’ll read on. This sign, spotted in the window of a local business, is a reminder that business is personal. Major illness, accidents and death interrupt and disrupt our lives. They affect people and [...]