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How to have a remarkable new year

by Kate on December 29, 2012

To achieve great things we must work out what to stop doing, and then have the courage and commitment to follow through on that decision. New Year is a good time to decide what to stop doing  to help you have achieve great things.  It could be the most important resolution you make! Many of [...]

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Over the last two weeks I’ve written a couple of times about the importance of looking for better, smarter ways to do business. So it was interesting last night to attend a discussion, hosted by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, about Corporate Innovation. No surprise to see panel members from the academic world, and [...]


Price reductions may be good for the customer, but business owners should be careful with this strategy. When selling price is reduced more must be sold to cover the cost of running the business. Plus, the cost of selling more puts extra burden on the business. It can add up to less profit and more [...]


How to have meetings that don’t suck!

by Kate on September 12, 2011

Despite our increasingly virtual world, meetings by phone/Skype and in person are big part of how we do business. Sadly, many of them suck, but when done well they can be a fantastic way to connect, address issues and spark ideas. Naturally, there’s a whole industry built around meetings management. However, most of us can [...]