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How to have a remarkable new year

by Kate on December 29, 2012

To achieve great things we must work out what to stop doing, and then have the courage and commitment to follow through on that decision. New Year is a good time to decide what to stop doing  to help you have achieve great things.  It could be the most important resolution you make! Many of [...]

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Sunday reflection and some Mozart

by Kate on October 7, 2012

Sunday is a good day for reflecting and thinking through priorities for the week ahead. Here are some questions to consider: What are the important things for me to achieve in my my work, my personal life, and for my health and wellbeing? What will I choose to do with this hour, this day,  this [...]


Why I’m not giving up now

by Kate on October 7, 2012

Today is Day 14 of my Project 365 and it would probably be a good idea to give up on it and even so I am committed to continuing. This post is a bit reflective, as I take a breather and think about the next bit of the journey. I had an idea my writing [...]

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The power of persistence

by Kate on September 27, 2012

If we are in the business of causing significant things to happen, then we must learn how to persist in the face of objection. Calvin Coolidge said, “Nothing in the world will take the place of persistence.”  If it mattered in the early twentieth century, when Coolidge was President of the United States, how much [...]


Project 365, Priorities and a Day of Rest

by Kate on September 23, 2012

I’ve been inspired, and challenged into action by the blogging activity of Roger “Rog 42″ Lawrence, who this year embarked on a project to blog daily for a year. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve read a few of his posts, and there are some gems, including this one. So here we go, with [...]