The Australian election is not cause for pause

by Kate on January 6, 2013

Parliament House flag 3

Many people are heading back to work this week. Back on deck, the same issues will be on their desk as before Christmas.  In case that isn’t enough to keep you busy, the weekend papers added to the mix with speculation about what might lie ahead for the economy, together with warm up discussion ahead of the Federal Election.

No doubt we’ll soon read and hear people talking about how the election year means ”nobody is making decisions”. Don’t believe them. Perhaps some might allow distractions to rob them of momentum, but can you afford it?

The politicians are in election mode, but you’ve got a business to run, customers to serve and sales to make so you can pay bills. Business can’t afford to stay in a holding pattern. If it does, a price is likely to be paid in the months and years after the election has long since passed.

Of course, it’s wise to consider factors that might affect business and respond to them appropriately.  So, yes, take a look at what’s ahead and properly assess the risks. And then get on with moving towards your targets.

For yachts in the Sydney to Hobart race, there’s nothing the skippers can do about the weather. It is what it is. But they can set course, and trim sail according to the conditions. Likewise business must operate in the political and economic climate we have, and push on anyway.

Your challenge in the months ahead will be to focus on your destination, and the actions to move towards this, whatever happens in Canberra or the broader economy – and despite what you read in the papers.

P.S.I know there are plenty of people who have been hard at work during the holiday season; in service business, retail and health and emergency services. So a quick “Thank you” to you for keeping things going.

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