The benefits of business awards

by Kate on June 9, 2012

Celebrating local business

Business owners have plenty to fill their days, so is it worth the effort to enter business awards competitions? Having entered awards in the past and as a judge in the City of Sydney Business Awards, I know the work involved. Still it can be well worth considering.

Last night I attended the 2012 Hurstville Excellence in Business Awards. It was great to see several franchise businesses win awards last night: Contours – Penshurst, Subway – Mortdale, Mail Boxes etc – Hurstville, Kip McGrath Education Centre – Kingsgrove and Caltex – Kingsgrove. (Hopefully I’ve got those locations correct!).

I had the pleasure of chatting with a couple of the award winners. It was good to hear how they are applying their own creativity and leadership to the franchise model.

Some people think that franchising is all about following the system, but the best franchisees get engaged in the business and bring their own ideas – especially in local marketing and leading their teams.

There are lots of business award competitions out there, so have a look and consider entering one of them. If you are in the City of Sydney area, look out for their Business Awards (nominations open 29th June).

Here are some of the benefits of entering your business for an award.

  1. It helps you and your team feel positive. Nominating for an award gives us chance to reflect on accomplishments and feel proud of them even if you don’t win. It’s a chance to celebrate and helps create a positive work environment. Feeling positive and happy helps us all work better, which in turn helps business do better.
  2. It helps promote your business. Winning an award is something to talk about and it attracts attention. People will be attracted to try or find out about your business simply because you are a finalist or a winner. Not only can it help attract customers, it can help to attract and retain great staff.
  3. It helps you improve your business. Completing the entry forms can be like a business health check. You can use it to assess how you’re going and think about areas where you can improve. If you involve staff with the submission it will help them see ways to improve.

Your thoughts…Have you entered for a business award? What were the benefits for your business?


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