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Many people are heading back to work this week. Back on deck, the same issues will be on their desk as before Christmas.  In case that isn’t enough to keep you busy, the weekend papers added to the mix with speculation about what might lie ahead for the economy, together with warm up discussion ahead [...]


Are you really out of ideas?

by Kate on October 3, 2012

Being stuck in a rut doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t solve a problem. You might just need to get out of the rut. Here’s a quote from The Economist A-Z of Business quotations, which neatly expresses ideas of places to look for opportunity. We usually find gas in new places with old ideas. Sometimes, also, we [...]


Causes of Cash Flow Stress

by Kate on October 9, 2011

Regardless of what you think about the likelihood of economic meltdown, if you own, manage or are responsible for results in an organisation you’d be bonkers not to consider what the current turmoil means for that business. Cash flow is one area that deserves attention. Cash is notoriously tight between January and March and it’s [...]