What will it take to succeed in 2011?

by Kate on January 5, 2011

What will it take to make this year your best ever?

For many of us, the new year is a time of optimism and hope, with renewed energy for fresh or reinvigorated goals.┬áStill, even if we are effective goal-setters and planners, the things we most want don’t always come easily or without struggle. Although we succeed in some areas, there are often others where things don’t go so well.

Last week, I saw “The King’s Speech”. This movie tells the story behind King George VI’s struggle to overcome his stammer, which he did with the support, guidance and friendship of Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue.

It’s a remarkable story of perseverance and a reminder that many (most…all?) who accomplish great things need personal courage and the fierce support of others to get through challenges on the way.

The movie got me thinking of what it will take to have a great 2011. I came up with 4 key words:

  • Do : Results happen when we ‘Do’. Thinking and planning are important, but it’s doing that, well, gets things done.
  • Courage : Because we don’t always reach our goals in the timeframe we planned, we need courage to look realistically at how things turned out, take responsibility for what happened and to learn from the experience. Often, the greatest test of our courage is to put aside ego and pride so we can look, learn and change.
  • Persistence: On the road to success, we almost always encounter failure, so we need persistence to keep going in the face of setbacks and adversity.
  • Support : Whatever our personal skills and talents, we all need the support of others – both professional and personal – so we can achieve at high levels. More than ever, as the pace of change quickens, we need the insight of others to help us see the world more fully and ourselves more clearly.

What will you do today that will propel your business forward this year?

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1 Nancy (aka moneycoach) January 12, 2011 at 11:53 am

This post hit the mark with me today, Kate.
My word is Pace. By that I mean I have a lot of work to do, work I enjoy, but there’s definitely an element of one foot in front of the other. In front of the other. In front of the other.
Today it feels very work-ish and not very inspired. But there’s only one way to get the lift-off I seek and that is step after step after step.

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