Why you should ignore the Budget!

by Kate on May 9, 2012

Bombarded by comments about the Budget, I’m thinking about the business owners I spent time with last night. The most pressing things for them are managing cash flow, being more effective at creating potential customers and selling them something, selecting inventory and so on.

Whatever the Budget contained, their business imperatives are unchanged this morning. It is about finding and keeping profitable customers, keeping track of the results, and progressing towards the business and personal goals they set.

Daily we encounter business people and their staff who are so caught up in speculation about the future, fuelled in part by 24/7 news, that they miss the opportunities to make the most of today. It’s so important to remember that we each make our future through our actions today.

The Budget will have an effect on us all. Perhaps some business will be so impacted that it is worth a detour today to take a look. But I think it’s important for the vast majority of us to focus on the business of doing business today. Afterall, that’s really where our wealth and much of our personal reward comes from.

Enjoy the Budget conversation, but don’t forget that it’s you – not Wayne and Julia – who will direct your business and your life.

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